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Private Equity’s Data Play

Author: Tim Bourgaize Murray | Date: June, 13 2013 | Source:

“For many of the large LP’s, they might be managing 100 GP relationships, and today as they request information quarterly, there will be some level of push, but an awful lot of pull, and so from an investor relations staffing standpoint, that’s challending.” – Ed Brandman, KKR

“If someone isn’t interested in improved portfolio management through better data management through better data management and analysis in today’s environment, it makes you wonder about their overall consideration on being a fiduciary.” – Joncarlo Mark, Upwelling Capital

“Two or three years ago, there would have been zero traction for this. If you look at what firms are already asking for and sharing today – far more than in the past – GP’s are potentially producing 20 to 30 individualized investment packs every quarter, while LPs are receiving those in all different formats. We decided there has to be a smarter way.” – Stuart Keeler, Managing Director, Data Services, eFront

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