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Private Equity Market: Can New Data Standards Win?

Author: Chris Kentouris | Date: March, 12 2014 | Source: FinOps Report

“The private equity fund industry did have high-level guidelines as to what information should be included in reports, but can now count on consistent data formats and data points.By having the exact same information using consistent XML-based formats in electronic form, institutional investors should have far less difficulty in interpreting the data. Institutional fund managers wanting to consolidate their capital with fewer, better performing private equity fund managers can understand data at the investor and eventually below the portfolio level.” – Stuart Keeler, chief operating officer, eFront

“We think that AltExchange is a worthwhile initiative which is why we joined. We will be testing the formats after we complete our installation of eFront system and have one private equity fund of funds client who says it is interested.” – Gus Tambakis, director of business development, MB Fund Administration

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