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AltExchange Update November 2016

AltExchange Website has been Upgraded!
We are very pleased to inform you that a new version of the AltExchange Website ( was released at the end of last week. Your feedback on the site’s usability and information is welcome. On top of the improved framework and layout, there are major improvements in the content of the website related to the following sections:

DOCUMENTATION UPDATE Documents relating to AltExchange, content and definitions of the various domains as well as the overall description of the Alliance organization were updated. 

NEW TEMPLATES AVAILABLE All Excel templates facilitating the production of AltExchange Messages can now be downloaded on the new website. These include the “Portfolio Metrics” and the “ILPA Reporting” templates that have been previously released. A new template relating to the “Cash-Flow” information has also been added to this new section, enabling users to easily prepare an XML compliant cash-flow message. 

NEWS We have included a new section detailing recent industry news but also any media coverage of the AltExchange Alliance. Our intent is to include information on conferences and industry events during which members will have an opportunity to promote the Alliance. 

VIDEO DESCRIBING THE ALTEXCHANGE VALIDATION PROCESS A video describing the main steps of the validation process of AltExchange messages is now available on the main page of the website. It reviews in details the different steps for the preparation, transformation in XML format, validation and exchanging of AltExchange messages. We would like to thank PFA Solutions for their help in developing this vastly improved website! 

FUTURE ALTEXCHANGE CHANGES As the need for standardized financial reporting continues to develop, the board is considering ways to improve the effectiveness of AltExchange to help shape how standardization plays out in the industry. Opportunities include establishing a dedicated staff, offering more educational/user support, securing additional resources and enhancing the Alliance’s overall governance. Ultimately, we believe the power of our organization resides in our diverse members who play key roles in various subsets throughout the investment industry. There will be more to come over the next few months on these changes so stay tuned. 

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