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Why is the AltExchange Alliance of interest to GPs and Fund Managers?

The reporting demands placed on the GPs are ever increasing. It is not uncommon for large LPs to have their own specific reporting pack that a GP must complete on a periodic basis. This consumes time and resources in terms of completing the reports and also from a compliance and sign-off perspective.

The AltExchange data standard will enable a fund manager to produce a single information pack for investors requesting data in either the AltExchange or ILPA format. AltExchange offers tools for GPs, fund of funds, fund administrators and other mangers to produce efficiently the required data in the format of the AltExchange data standards.

As an AltExchange member, a general partner, fund manager, fund of funds, fund administrator and so on commit to providing information in the format of the AltExchange data standard and to validate the data files using the AltExchange Validation Platform when requested by investors and other limited partner members
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