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The AltExchange Data Standard

The AltExchange data standard is a universal, open and evolving definition of data formats to simplify and streamline the sharing of information between fund managers, investors and other parties.

The standard uses tailored XML taxonomies and spans many relevant data elements including portfolio company financials, investor organizations and contacts, fund information, cash flows, capital accounts and more. The standard will provide a universal means for organizations to provide and consume data supplied by another party.

You can access the current version of the data standard definitions in the Templates section of this website.

The first and second releases of data standard were finalized in December 2013 and in December 2014. The third one was published in March 2016. The data set covered includes:
The second release covers portfolio company key performance indicators (top level financials, industry and geography codes as well as key figures at acquisition and disposal). The third release mirrors the information captured by the ILPA’s recently released Reporting Template.
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