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What does it mean to be an AltExchange founding member?

In recognition of their thought leadership in founding the AltExchange Alliance and their participation in the formation of the first definition of the AltExchange data standard, Founding Members agree to have their company names displayed on the Alliance web site (see below) and displayed prominently in Alliance collateral and other materials. Founding Members also act as ambassadors for the Alliance, promoting the benefits of adopting the data standard.

What is the cost for a member?

The AltExchange Alliance membership fee is $1,000 per annum per institution. In addition, there is a nominal subscription fee for general partners and fund managers to use the validation services provided by the AltExchange Validation Platform.

Who are the AltExchange members?

Guernsey, UK
Dallas, Texas
Zurich, Switzerland
Guernsey, UK
New York, NY
Austin, Texas
Geneva, Switzerland
Davis, California
Austin, Texas United States
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